Retrospective and Wintry Growth

   Everything died. The one large chocolate bell pepper was overtaken and devoured by a squirrel, the sun gold cherry tomato plant reached the end of its course and withered out, and fruit flies infested the soil in everything.

   The ginger is hanging on. It hasn’t put up any additional shoots, so I don’t think it is long for this world. I thought I’d avoided any future fruit fly infestation, but they’re there again. My mother gave me a nub of horseradish root that’s growing voraciously. It’s sending up foot tall shoots left and right! Soon, I’ll go over what I want to grow, what seems to work, and plan out next season. Until then, keep growing!


First Fruit And Thinning

I ate my first tomato this week. It was a small but sweet Sungold Cherry Tomato. So far, it is the only one. There are some green lil guys trying to grow in, though, and I’m giving it more sun. It’s approximately six feet tall now! I’ve been dealing with fruit flies in the soil and garden beetles on the leaves (when it goes outside) but no more chipmunk digging.

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Week 4

   Sorry about the absence! I began a summer semester in my last year of my first collegiate round and time sort of funneled out. Where are we now?

   The radishes have been declared dead. Three sprouted well but mysteriously kicked off over the weekend. The four heads of lettuce finally began making some progress. They’re getting so big! The chocolate pepper plant is growing slowly but surely. The doozey, however, is the gold sun cherry tomato. She is getting huge! There are about four tiny green beads and one quarter-sized green tomato in where the first batch of flowers were. The second and third batches of buds have yet to open. We’re going strong in a five gallon bucket with a basket. The basil’s second pair of leaves have overtaken the first and it continues to grow strong. Also, I added a rosemary plant to the mix that I found at the Downtown Rutland Farmer’s Market. All in all, the apartment garden is doing good!

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The Apartment Garden

   Gardening in an apartment complex is interesting. Where I live with my son, we are not allowed to lay down raised beds nor dig up the land. I dearly love gardening vegetables and herbs, as well as enjoy reaping the economic benefits of agriculture, but cannot do it as I am accustomed. Does this mean I throw my arms up in the air and declare, “F#@& it!”? Hell no. I’ve armed myself with some nice, rich top soil, a handful of pots and makeshift planters, a small spray bottle, some youngins from my local farmers market, and some seeds and I’m ready to go to war with my limited space!

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